13 Oct 17


Facebook commissioned Antoine Corbineau to create a series of stickers.

25 Sep 17

Pépites Festival

Antoine Corbineau has created this lovely poster for Les Pépites Festival in Paris.

11 Sep 17

Quo Vadis

Antoine Corbineau has created a set of illustrations for Quo Vadis.

27 Jul 17

Dior Perfume

Antoine Corbineau was commissioned by Dior Perfume to create an illustration map for the Arles photography festival.

13 Jul 17

Open Land

Antoine Corbineau created this map illustration for Open Land, an innovative and collaborative project in Britanny.

16 Jun 17

The New York Times

We are always thrilled to see Antoine Corbineau in the NY Times !

08 Jun 17

Orchestre de Chambre de Paris

Antoine Corbineau has created a new set of illustrations for the communication of the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris.

31 May 17

Yves Rocher

Beautiful map from Antoine Corbineau for the Yves Rocher consumer magazine, commissioned by Fovea agency.

19 May 17

Nantes Métropole

Nice panoramic illustration about Nantes City Lab, created by Antoine Corbineau, as part of his ongoing collaboration with Nantes Métropole. Click to see the whole illustration!

27 Apr 17


Travel around the world with this impressive series of illustrative city maps created by Antoine Corbineau for his new book, published by Milan.

19 Apr 17

New York Times

Antoine Corbineau keeps on his ongoing collaboration with the New York Times!

21 Feb 17

The New York Times

A lovely animated illustration created by Antoine Corbineau for The New York Times!  Check it out here.

09 Jan 17

L’île d’Yeu

L’île d’Yeu: a charming new map by Antoine Corbineau.