17 Oct 17

Lente Kabinet

Here is a detail of the new identity developed by Stefan Glerum for Lente Kabinet 2017 issue.

19 Jul 17


Nice editorial pseries from Stefan Glerum commissioned by GQ to accompany an article about hacking.

07 Jul 17


This astonishing album imagery has been created by Stefan Glerum for the latest album from Bruxas.

16 May 17

Sir Adam

We love this striking illustration created by Stefan Glerum for Sir Adam latest LP cover.

25 Apr 17

V Magazine

A racy illustration series by Stefan Glerum for V Magazine (de Volkskrant) about teledonics; technology for remote sex !

21 Mar 17


Nice illustration from Stefan Glerum for Esquire about the Nintendo Switch and it’s potential to turn lapsed gamers into full-fledged gamers again.

15 Feb 17

Coffee Company

A new poster created by Stefan Glerum for Coffee Company’s Dutch Aeropress Championship 2017!

12 Dec 16


New illustration created by Stefan Glerum in Volkskrant for an article about chatbots as our personal assistants.

07 Dec 16

Visual Taipei

Beautiful illustration created by Stefan Glerum for the Visual Taipei exhibition in Taiwan, where a huge pavilion was dedicated to illustration from all over the globe.

11 Oct 16

Revue Reliefs

Proud to see Stefan Glerum’s amazing work in the latest issue of revue Reliefs !

22 Sep 16

De Volkskrant

De Volkskrant asked Stefan Glerum to draw his version of Dick Bruna’s iconic Miffy !

14 Sep 16

New York Times

Stefan Glerum did this illustration for the NY Times – Sunday Review last weekend, about the high cost of EpiPens drug.