Jean André

Born in 1986 in Aveyron (France), Jean André, illustrator and graphic designer, is working in Montmartre for several emblematic commercial names such as Hermès, Nike, Ed Banger, Colette..

Jean André likes to define his drawings in a “gentleman art” genre, halfway between the illustration of charm and the enhancement of the Ladies’ beauty. His main influences vary from Tom Wesselmann to the work of Matisse, going through Richard Kern’s photographs or mature men’s adventure magazines from the fifties. From minimalist to ultra-realistic, Jean André seeks to explore all the opportunities he can get from Chinese Ink.

Clients :
Paraboot, Nike, Le Pigalle, Cliché Skate, LVMH, Colette, Eurostar, Adidas, Ed Banger, Tuxedo, Elektricity Festival, WAD, Ed Bangers, Fricote, Les Inrocks, Poyz & Pirlz, Bérengère Claire…