Julien Pacaud

Julien Pacaud is a self-taught illustrator, who started to work with illustration after taking a course in cinema at the Louis Lumière school in the Paris area. He is based in Paris.

Formed by the world of film and television, he composes surreal digital collages from the image base he perpetually gathers here, there and everywhere. Each of his compositions is an invitation to a Lynchian and Magrittean imaginary time travel combining retro imagery with futuristic shapes.

Reinterpreting the geometry of space, Julien Pacaud depicts a world that spreads through the thick clouds of ambiguity where galaxies, mountains and colourful animals break the daily routine of his contemplative figures.

Clients :
Teriaki Festival, Le Monde, Wallpaper, Usbek & Rica, Hermès, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Télérama, Gallimard, Ogilvy, Santander Festival, Pushkin Press, Jeff Mills, Les Siestes Festival, AD, Swatch, Saatchi, IDN Magazine, SFR, Citizen K, Rock en Seine, TGV Magazine, Nike, Milk, Les Inrocks…