Laurent Duvoux

After a few years within several prestigious Parisian advertising agencies, Laurent Duvoux decided to create his own studio (We Are Ted) with Eric Thome in 2007 to develop a transversal design, giving scope to their love for illustration, typography, posters and record artworks. Today Laurent Duvoux, as the sole director, is developing a visually naive and colorful universe, creating vectorized illustrations and animations of minimalistic design and structure.

Behind the apparent simplicity of his illustrations lies extensive work to eliminate all superfluous elements, to keep only the most essential – the structure – and to emphasize the essence of the subject matter. By refining the illustrations to the purest essence to convey an emotion, they implicitly evoke the viewers own sensitivity,  deep down knowledge and experiences. The refining of the subject and an expert usage of color, together have created a playful universe, fresh and extremely evocative, which has already charmed a large number of clients, from press
to advertising and from music to publishing.

Clients: BETC, TBWA, Publicis, Havas, Havas sport, Buzzman, Mairie de Paris, The Good Life, Influencia, Sport & Style, Air France, Engie, Smart, SNCF, Evian, Canal+, Vivendi, Renault, Ing, Slate, AFII, Nestlé, Bic…