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17 May 19 Cruschiform

C’est mon patrimoine!

Cruschiform’s gorgeous illustration builds a strong narrative here in her proposal for the “C’est mon patrimoine!” French Ministry of Culture project, which offers a rich cultural program for families in priority zones.

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18 Jan 19 Cruschiform


Cruschiform’s use of color and geometry in her impeccably precise work made her the natural choice for the an App Store Today Tab feature highlighting a selection of museum apps.

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13 Dec 18 Cruschiform

Le Printemps

Every year for the holidays, Le Printemps department store in Paris reveals their fabled Christmas window displays – an absolutely unique and fabulous visual merchandising event. This year, Cruschiform drew a series of eleven enchanting landscapes and created a magical world of Christmas.

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02 Oct 18 Cruschiform


Stunning illustration by Cruschiform for the cover of Andersen magazine.

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12 Jul 18 Cruschiform


A new illustration by Cruschiform about coastal fishing in Baffin Bay, for Academy Sports+Outdoors.

16 Apr 18 Cruschiform


Cruschiform continues his collaboration with publisher Mondadori and signs a new cover for the short story “Tales of Jazz Age” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

02 Apr 18 Cruschiform

Pace Architect

Cruschiform has made several building illustrations to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pace architecture firm.

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26 Feb 18 Cruschiform

Paris Worldwide

It seems that we have never shared this beautiful image created by Cruschiform for Paris Worldwide magazine, unfortunately, and surprisingly, unpublished.

02 Feb 18 Cruschiform

Tour Eiffel

We are totally charmed by this animation created by Cruschiform for the greeting card of the Eiffel Tower, with Kiblind agency.

22 Jan 18 Cruschiform


Let’s get lost in the details of this incredible illustration of Cruschiform for the cover of the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F.S. Fitzgerald, published by Mondadori.