Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
17 Jan 19 Jean-Michel Tixier


Jean-Michel Tixier always seems to effortlessly interpret Monsieur magazine’s masculine chic style in their cover illustrations. The timelessly elegant clear line of his drawings shines a light on a deceptively simple idea whose hidden complexity quickly becomes apparent.

Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
27 Nov 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Maison Fragile

Fine Limoges porcelain and Parisian art come together for this enchanting new collaboration from Jean-Michel Tixier and Maison Fragile. Jean-Michel’s insightful illustrations of four iconic Parisians – Françoise Sagan, Serge Gainsbourg, Marie Antoinette and Yves Saint-Laurent are delicately hand-painted on a collection of plates and coffee mugs.

Jean-Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
29 Oct 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Holmen Crisp

Norwegian bakery goods Holmen Crisp asked Jean-Michel Tixier to redesign the packaging of their gluten-free flour mixes.

21 Sep 18 Jean-Michel Tixier


A new cover of Monsieur by Jean-Michel Tixier with a Lapo Elkann kit.

15 Jul 18 Jean-Michel Tixier


The collaboration between Jean-Michel Tixer and the magazine Monsieur continues its course with the cover of their summer issue…

16 May 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Le Fooding / Nespresso

Jean-Michel Tixier created the identity of the “Entractes” event of the Fooding Guide at the Cannes Film Festival, in collaboration with Nespresso.

18 Apr 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Le Bon Marché

Here is a portrait of Vincent Dedienne drawn by Jean-Michel Tixier for the last issue of the magazine Bon Marché.

04 Apr 18 Jean-Michel Tixier


Here is a selection of the latest illustrations by Jean-Michel Tixier for M, le magazine du Monde. Find his section “Ligne de Mire” every week in the magazine …

23 Mar 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Le Parisien

Burger and classical dance ! An illustration of Jean-Michel Tixier for the Parisian weekend supplement.