Jean-Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
16 Apr 19 Jean-Michel Tixier


Elegant, masculine and … bearded. The latest cover illustration by Jean-Michel Tixier for French magazine Monsieur.

Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
03 Apr 19 Jean-Michel Tixier

Philharmonie de Paris

2019 at the Philharmonie de Paris: with a new musical season come new visuals created by Jean-Michel Tixier and commissioned by the BETC agency. A conductor finds himself in a stressful and precarious position, transporting various musical instruments on his rickety delivery tricycle. The posters are all over Paris and the animated version is in movie theatres for the next few weeks.

Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
17 Jan 19 Jean-Michel Tixier


Jean-Michel Tixier always seems to effortlessly interpret Monsieur magazine’s masculine chic style in their cover illustrations. The timelessly elegant clear line of his drawings shines a light on a deceptively simple idea whose hidden complexity quickly becomes apparent.

Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
27 Nov 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Maison Fragile

Fine Limoges porcelain and Parisian art come together for this enchanting new collaboration from Jean-Michel Tixier and Maison Fragile. Jean-Michel’s insightful illustrations of four iconic Parisians – Françoise Sagan, Serge Gainsbourg, Marie Antoinette and Yves Saint-Laurent are delicately hand-painted on a collection of plates and coffee mugs.

Jean-Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
29 Oct 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Holmen Crisp

Norwegian bakery goods Holmen Crisp asked Jean-Michel Tixier to redesign the packaging of their gluten-free flour mixes.

21 Sep 18 Jean-Michel Tixier


A new cover of Monsieur by Jean-Michel Tixier with a Lapo Elkann kit.

15 Jul 18 Jean-Michel Tixier


The collaboration between Jean-Michel Tixer and the magazine Monsieur continues its course with the cover of their summer issue…

16 May 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Le Fooding / Nespresso

Jean-Michel Tixier created the identity of the “Entractes” event of the Fooding Guide at the Cannes Film Festival, in collaboration with Nespresso.

18 Apr 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Le Bon Marché

Here is a portrait of Vincent Dedienne drawn by Jean-Michel Tixier for the last issue of the magazine Bon Marché.