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28 Jun 19 Laurent Duvoux

Nimes s’illustre

The city of Nîmes in France is launching the “Nîmes s’illustre” festival today, which our very own Laurent Duvoux is taking part in. With an urban itinerary highlighting illustration as art, the project offers a creative and playful experience and a completely new way to discover the city, essentially turning it into a huge art gallery.

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22 May 19 Laurent Duvoux

The Terror

“A horrifying 19th century nightmare” – AMC’s TV series “The Terror” was inspired by a true story about the Royal Navy’s perilous voyage in 1847 while attempting to discover the Northwest Passage. The show’s chilling darkness prompted Laurent Duvoux to participate in Kiblind Magazine’s “Affiches en série” (TV series posters) contest.

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30 Apr 19 Laurent Duvoux


Laurent Duvoux started the year off strong with three covers for the French daily newspaper Libération. The clean lines of his minimal and polished illustrations, enhanced by their yellow ochre color, were showcased for a first-page article last month describing the strong ties in Syria between French cement manufacturer Lafarge and ISIS leader Abou Lôqman.

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10 Apr 19 Laurent Duvoux

Welcome to the Jungle

Laurent Duvoux’s playful style and refined color palette is instantly recognizable in this illustration created for Welcome to the Jungle, the new French media website dedicated to job seekers and recruiters.

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08 Mar 19 Laurent Duvoux

Wild Wild Country

“Jaw-dropping”, “compelling”, “stunning” … those are just some of the adjectives used to describe “Wild Wild Country”, the six-part Netflix documentary about a utopian religious community in Oregon. It inspired Laurent Duvoux to create this brilliant illustration, which makes us want to queue up the series on our Netflix and settle in for the weekend.

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22 Feb 19 Laurent Duvoux


Cyber bullying at its worst – by people with influence, targeting women – this powerful and telling illustration by Laurent Duvoux was on the cover of the French daily Libération.

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14 Feb 19 Laurent Duvoux


Social mobility is often reduced to oversimplified myths of betrayal and social climbing, but Laurent Duvoux perfectly sums up the complex trajectories of those who cross social barriers in his illustration for a Télérama magazine interview of philosopher Chantal Jaquet.

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21 Dec 18 Laurent Duvoux

Accent Air France

To catch up with the growing number of passengers worldwide, airports are racing to launch global transformations, as illustrated by Laurent Duvoux in Accent, the Air France employees magazine. To all those traveling for the holidays this year – bon voyage!

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23 Nov 18 Laurent Duvoux


A year ago, Harvey Weinstein’s spectacular downfall marked the beginning of the #metoo movement. Where are we at now? Laurent Duvoux brilliantly illustrated the full feature published by Causette Magazine in its October issue.

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31 Oct 18 Laurent Duvoux


Passing on property, an article illustrated by Laurent Duvoux for Pèlerin Magazine. Click to see the whole series.