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14 Feb 19 Laurent Duvoux


Social mobility is often reduced to oversimplified myths of betrayal and social climbing, but Laurent Duvoux perfectly sums up the complex trajectories of those who cross social barriers in his illustration for a Télérama magazine interview of philosopher Chantal Jaquet.

Laurent Duvoux - Talkie Walkie
21 Dec 18 Laurent Duvoux

Accent Air France

To catch up with the growing number of passengers worldwide, airports are racing to launch global transformations, as illustrated by Laurent Duvoux in Accent, the Air France employees magazine. To all those traveling for the holidays this year – bon voyage!

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23 Nov 18 Laurent Duvoux


A year ago, Harvey Weinstein’s spectacular downfall marked the beginning of the #metoo movement. Where are we at now? Laurent Duvoux brilliantly illustrated the full feature published by Causette Magazine in its October issue.

Laurent Duvoux - Talkie Walkie
31 Oct 18 Laurent Duvoux


Passing on property, an article illustrated by Laurent Duvoux for Pèlerin Magazine. Click to see the whole series.

17 Sep 18 Laurent Duvoux


A new series by Laurent Duvoux about the joys of summer and way back to town !

25 May 18 Laurent Duvoux


Laurent Duvoux produced a series of illustrations for Wired magazine.

09 Apr 18 Laurent Duvoux


Here are the latest illustrations made by Laurent Duvoux for Ebdo magazine, which unfortunately announced the end of its publication a few days ago…

29 Mar 18 Laurent Duvoux

RATP / Saatchi

Saatchi Paris commissioned Laurent Duvoux this illustration for the communication of the RATP.

12 Mar 18 Laurent Duvoux


Here is a new series of illustrations by Laurent Duvoux for Ebdo magazine.

23 Jan 18 Laurent Duvoux


We are pleased to announce that Laurent Duvoux is now a recurring contributor to the new Ebdo magazine. Here are some illustrations made for the first issues.