Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
25 Apr 19 Antoine Corbineau


Did you know there’s a huge food-themed amusement park in Bologna, Italy? FICO Eataly World is dedicated to Italian biodiversity and cuisine. Eurowings asked Antoine Corbineau to bring his uniquely detailed perspective by creating a bold-colored illustration of the park for their in-flight magazine, Wings.

Playground Paris - Talkie Walkie
24 Apr 19 Playground

Le Grand Barouf

Le Grand Barouf Numérique is a two-day event that took place last month in Lille, bringing together representatives from completely different fields (startups, governmental agencies, non-profits, think tanks, etc) to discuss public policy in the digital age. Playground Paris created the event’s visual identity by combining colorful, cheerful and eye-catching design, illustration, and animation.

Jules le Barazer - Talkie Walkie
18 Apr 19 Jules Le Barazer

M le magazine du Monde

Pastel colors and just the right touch of humor make for the perfect combination in Jules le Barazer’s illustration for M le magazine du Monde (Le Monde’s weekend magazine), for an article about the very strong presence of French designers at Milan’s Design week.

Jean-Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
16 Apr 19 Jean-Michel Tixier


Elegant, masculine and … bearded. The latest cover illustration by Jean-Michel Tixier for French magazine Monsieur.

Damien Florébert Cuypers - Talkie Walkie
15 Apr 19 Damien Florébert Cuypers


Another gorgeously captured portrait by Damien Florébert Cuypers, this time for Mother’s Day in Vogue UK: Slick Woods closing out Fashion Week on the Fenty runway in New York City last fall, pregnant and … in labor! With a few brilliant colored pencil strokes, Damien seized an absolutely powerful and compelling moment.

Laurent Duvoux - Talkie Walkie
10 Apr 19 Laurent Duvoux

Welcome to the Jungle

Laurent Duvoux’s playful style and refined color palette is instantly recognizable in this illustration created for Welcome to the Jungle, the new French media website dedicated to job seekers and recruiters.

Talkie Walkie - Bruno Mangyoku
09 Apr 19 Bruno Mangyoku


Accounting firm Becouze asked Bruno Mangyoku to create their holiday card this year. To illustrate the firm’s willingness to go the extra mile for their clients, Bruno decided to draw an impeccably dressed accountant, lost in the wilderness of the jungle, lost and in obvious culture shock.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
05 Apr 19 Antoine Corbineau

Trevor Horn

“Trevor Horn Reimagines the Eighties” (featuring the Sarm Orchestra) – for the legendary singer and producer’s latest album cover, Antoine Corbineau did some reimagining of his own with this gorgeous portrait featuring abstract and asymmetrical patterns in a splendid array of color palettes.

Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
03 Apr 19 Jean-Michel Tixier

Philharmonie de Paris

2019 at the Philharmonie de Paris: with a new musical season come new visuals created by Jean-Michel Tixier and commissioned by the BETC agency. A conductor finds himself in a stressful and precarious position, transporting various musical instruments on his rickety delivery tricycle. The posters are all over Paris and the animated version is in movie theatres for the next few weeks.

Bruno Mangyoku - Talkie Walkie
20 Mar 19 Bruno Mangyoku

Toyota / The & Partnership

Hello, Spring Equinox! We’ve launched some spring cleaning here at Talkie Walkie (a lot of exciting new projects coming soon! Can’t wait to share!) and as we were digging through the archives, we found this stunning little gem created for Toyota/The&Partnership by Bruno Mangyoku. So long, winter! That bunny is as ready for spring sunshine as we are.