19 Oct 17

Wine & Style

Cruschiform’s enchanting illustrations have given life to the cover of Wine & Style latest issue.

02 Oct 17


Cruschiform has spent much of the past few months creating this wonderful children book, Colorama, which presents the origin of colors. It will be on release in France on October 12 but you can already click to discover a few pages!

19 Sep 17

Los Angeles

Another refined landscape from Cruschiform with this Los Angeles view.

06 Sep 17


Charming new illustration from Cruschiform for Taschen.

26 Jul 17

Penguin Books

Another great new project from Crushciform for the cover of Walden, published by Penguin Books.

04 Jul 17


Enchanting illustration by Cruschiform for the cover of Kiblind’s latest issue.

15 Jun 17


Beautiful editorial piece from Cruschiform commissioned by America magazine to accompany an article about Yellowstone.

24 May 17

Wall Street Journal

Love this new illustration by Cruschiform for The Wall Street Journal about a wonderful California wine region.

03 May 17

Union standard

Detail of an impressive wall-size mural illustration created by Cruschiform for chef Derek Stevens’s restaurant Union Standard, in downtown Pittsburgh’s historic Union Trust Building. Click to see the whole illustration!

21 Apr 17

Austral editiorial

Cruschiform created this lovely cover illustration for the J.M Barrie’s adventure novel: Peter Pan & Wendy, published by Austral editorial.

17 Feb 17

Mondadori Libri

Cruschiform 2 book covers for the Italian version of one of the most famous American author of the 1920s, Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

31 Jan 17


In partnership with the magazine Georges, Cruschiform and Gazhole produced a dozen visuals for young people’s performances of the Orchester National de Lyon.

12 Jan 17

Elite Traveler Mag

Flight of fancy ! A new illustration by Cruschiform for Elite Traveler magazine.

22 Dec 16

Moments magazine

A little taste of holiday with this illustration series created by Cruschiform for Moments magazine, in collaboration with Sunday agency !

30 Nov 16

Welcome to the Jungle

Beautiful cover created by @cruschiform in collaboration with Gazhole for Welcome to the Jungle magazine ! Art direction and editorial design by @violaineetjeremy.