Cruschiform - Talkie Walkie
13 Dec 18 Cruschiform

Le Printemps

Every year for the holidays, Le Printemps department store in Paris reveals their fabled Christmas window displays – an absolutely unique and fabulous visual merchandising event. This year, Cruschiform drew a series of eleven enchanting landscapes and created a magical world of Christmas.

Julien Pacaud - Talkie Walkie
11 Dec 18 Julien Pacaud

New Scientist

Julien Pacaud’s cover illustration for the New Scientist – The Glitch at the End of the Universe. Go far enough, and the rules of reality start to break down.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
07 Dec 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Tyrsa created an exclusive typeface for the new Jordan x PSG jerseys by scanning a traditional basketball font, adding the lined numbers used on football jerseys, and manually distorting both. His unique interpretation, breaking the rules of traditional design used in both sports, resulted in a one-time, very limited-edition collaboration.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
05 Dec 18 Antoine Corbineau


For a special edition featuring the reopening of the Musée des Beaux Arts in Besançon, art magazine Dada asked Antoine Corbineau to depict the museum and its surroundings at three different time periods – past, present and future.

Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
27 Nov 18 Jean-Michel Tixier

Maison Fragile

Fine Limoges porcelain and Parisian art come together for this enchanting new collaboration from Jean-Michel Tixier and Maison Fragile. Jean-Michel’s insightful illustrations of four iconic Parisians – Françoise Sagan, Serge Gainsbourg, Marie Antoinette and Yves Saint-Laurent are delicately hand-painted on a collection of plates and coffee mugs.

laurent Duvoux - Talkie Walkie
23 Nov 18 Laurent Duvoux


A year ago, Harvey Weinstein’s spectacular downfall marked the beginning of the #metoo movement. Where are we at now? Laurent Duvoux brilliantly illustrated the full feature published by Causette Magazine in its October issue.

Bruno Mangyoku - Talkie Walkie
21 Nov 18 Bruno Mangyoku

Obos Bladet

A beautiful and cosily-lit interior illustrated by Bruno Mangyoku for Norwegian architecture and design magazine Obos Bladet.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
19 Nov 18 Alexis Tyrsa

Childish Gambino

When it was released this year, Childish Gambino’s “This is America” became the most talked about music video in recent history. Critics ranked it among one of the greatest music videos of the 21st century. Tyrsa designed Childish Gambino’s visual brand identity and we’re crazy about the incredible type lettering and artwork he created for the music videos and merchandising.

Playground Paris - Talkie Walkie
15 Nov 18 Playground

Expo QUIT!

Quit! is a new one-night-only exhibition of risograph prints by Playground Paris. Its theme? Quitting cigarettes, obviously! Typography and illustrations in postcard and poster format …. This Friday at 6PM at Pop-Up du Label, 14 rue Abel in Paris.

Marcus Walters - Talkie Walkie
13 Nov 18 Marcus Walters

Great Ormond St Hospital

Marcus Walters created prints for a charity project at Great Ormond St Hospital. He can’t tell us too much about it for now but we are happily taking a moment to enjoy the colorful visuals.