Laurent Duvoux - Talkie Walkie
14 Feb 19 Laurent Duvoux


Social mobility is often reduced to oversimplified myths of betrayal and social climbing, but Laurent Duvoux perfectly sums up the complex trajectories of those who cross social barriers in his illustration for a Télérama magazine interview of philosopher Chantal Jaquet.

Jules Le Barazer - Talkie Walkie
12 Feb 19 Jules Le Barazer

Le Monde

With deceptively soft colors and illustrations reminiscent of children’s literature, Jules Le Barazer lulls us into a false sense of complacency, effectively drawing us into his unique vision of an absurd and humorous world. Yet angles of his work convey very real reflections of society and current events that can almost seem disconcerting. His clear-headed and straightforward illustrations are published in a weekly column every Wednesday in the French newspaper le Monde.

Stefan Glerum - Talkie Walkie
31 Jan 19 Stefan Glerum


Sirocco: the Mediterranean wind that originates from the Sahara, but also in this case, the title of the second EP drop by Bruxas, the beat-driven, psychedelic tropical house group from Lisbon and Amsterdam. Think summer. Think cruising through a world of exotic, Balearic sunshine and dreamy synth-waves and rolling up to your not so basic cocktail pool party. And check out their record cover created by Stefan Glerum.

Kim Roselier - Talkie Walkie
28 Jan 19

Warm Weather Vibes

Kim Roselier’s sensual, poetic and colorful illustrations will be tiding us over until the outside temperatures warm up again and spring finally makes its comeback.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
23 Jan 19 Antoine Corbineau

Tête à Tête

“Tête à Tête” is a beautiful book written by Baptist Cornabas and illustrated by Antoine Corbineau, filled with portraits of twenty prominent figures who have changed the course of history. Scroll through the gallery to check out some of our favorites.

Bruno Mangyoku - Talkie Walkie
22 Jan 19 Bruno Mangyoku

New Scientist

The light scattered by streetlights, as illustrated by Bruno Mangyoku for the New Scientist.

Cruschiform - Talkie Walkie
18 Jan 19 Cruschiform


Cruschiform’s use of color and geometry in her impeccably precise work made her the natural choice for the an App Store Today Tab feature highlighting a selection of museum apps.

Jean Michel Tixier - Talkie Walkie
17 Jan 19 Jean-Michel Tixier


Jean-Michel Tixier always seems to effortlessly interpret Monsieur magazine’s masculine chic style in their cover illustrations. The timelessly elegant clear line of his drawings shines a light on a deceptively simple idea whose hidden complexity quickly becomes apparent.

Jean André - Talkie Walkie
09 Jan 19 Jean André

Bonjour Tattoo Club

Bonjour Tattoo Club, Jean André’s long awaited tattoo studio, finally opened at 6 rue Nobel in the 18th arrondissement in Paris.

His minimalist and instinctive style is immediately recognizable in his clean, refined and humorous designs. His signature tattoos? Silhouette contours, hearts interlaced with words, sensual and elegant portraits of women … All subtly suggested, just enough to get your message across …

Marcus Walters - Talkie Walkie
07 Jan 19 Marcus Walters

Blink Tank

Blink Tank Agency is a stand alone service which will provide end to end creative solutions direct to the client by combining traditional agency services with creative content from its existing talent agencies. They commissioned Marcus Walters to create an adaptable brand that could be used across a range of communication tools.