Bruno Mangyoku - Talkie Walkie
17 Oct 18 Bruno Mangyoku


Writer Joe Dunthorne’s fantasy of becoming a surfer is beautifully illustrated by Bruno Mangyoku for GQ UK.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
15 Oct 18 Antoine Corbineau

“Villes et Séries” Exhibition

Antoine Corbineau’s colorful, detailed and playful work is on display at his new show “Villes et séries” (“Cities and Tv Shows”) at the Artazart Bookstore in Paris. Vernissage this Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.

Cruschiform - Talkie Walkie
02 Oct 18 Cruschiform


Stunning illustration by Cruschiform for the cover of Andersen magazine.

28 Sep 18 Jules Le Barazer


A brilliant new illustration by Jules Le Barazer for Society magazine, about the life of a couple at the time of television series.

25 Sep 18 Antoine Corbineau

Google / Time Out

Antoine Corbineau created this panoramic illustration for the 2018 Gay Pride in London, in partnership with Google and Time Out.

21 Sep 18 Jean-Michel Tixier


A new cover of Monsieur by Jean-Michel Tixier with a Lapo Elkann kit.

17 Sep 18 Laurent Duvoux


A new series by Laurent Duvoux about the joys of summer and way back to town !

Jean André - Talkie Walkie
14 Sep 18 Jean André

Le Bon Coin / Auditoire

Here is a tattoos board created by Jean André on the occasion of an event Le Bon Coin organized by Auditoire.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
11 Sep 18 Antoine Corbineau


Antoine Corbineau produced a series of illustrations for the communication of Millican, the brand of eco-responsible bags.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
06 Sep 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Alexis Tyrsa signs all the typographies of the new Stolichnaya campaign, hatched by Fred Farid New York. Click to discover all the visuals.