Talkie Walkie is an illustration agency based in Paris. We represent a selection of international illustrators, collaborating with a wide range of clients in the fields of press, communication and culture.

Talkie Walkie is an illustration agency based in Paris. We represent a selection of international illustrators, collaborating with a wide range of clients in the fields of press, communication and culture.


Playground paris talkie walkie mad jacques vexin


La Mad Jacques

Over the last few years, Playground studio has given a voice to the dynamism and warmth that are the trademark of La Mad Jacques, a community that advocates environmentally-friendly travel without missing out on a good atmosphere and a chance to connect with others. Bright colours, clean lines and, above all, a great deal of pleasure in the crafting of these graphics take us on a unique adventure that reflects those offered by the collective.

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Alexis tyrsa talkie walkie N Yvs NY

Alexis Tyrsa

NY vs NY / Nike

On the occasion of the basketball tournament organised by Nike in New York, Alexis Tyrsa was asked to design the event's visual identity. Through animations, billboards and the logo, Alexis was inspired by the urban environment that nurtured that sport, using striking elements such as spray-paint tag techniques and fluorescent colours. He balanced it all with the use of a linear typography for the taglines, footnotes and the logo in a more modern version. When combined with visuals showing players in action, the outcome of this collaboration has proven to be both vibrant and powerful.

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Bruno mangyoku talkie walkie Le1libraire ete23

Bruno Mangyoku

Le Un des libraires

It's that time of year again... But Bruno Mangyuku is keeping the summer spirit alive with his poetic approach to the latest cover of Le Un newspaper. His subtle style gently introduces the themes of the new literary season, embodied naturally and simply by the cover's star figure. A fine work on the character that allows the reader to identify with him, and drift away for a second before getting back into the swing of life once and for all.

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Kim roselier talke walkie le don du vent

Kim Roselier

Le Don du Vent

Summer is on! We're sailing away for a few weeks with this beautiful illustration by Kim Roselier for Don du Vent, a boat setting off from Marseille. We shall be back in September with a series of exciting projects to unveil!

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Jean michel tixier talkie WEERTS realestate

Jean-Michel Tixier

Weerts Group

In this collaboration with the Belgian Weerts Group, Jean-Michel Tixier illustrated the logistics, motorsport and renewable energies sectors in which the brand specialises, with fineness and a touch of humour. The challenge was met with a tip, but still in line with the artist's style, drawing on the codes of Belgian comics, with a particular hint of the character of Michel Vaillant, the racing driver who has left his mark on many childhood memories in Belgium and France.

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Bruno mangyoku talkie walkie mandalorian

The story takes place five years after Return of the Jedi and twenty-five years before The Force Awakens, and follows the adventures of a Mandalorian mercenary beyond the territories controlled by the New Republic... Following the release of the final season of the series produced by Disney, Bruno Mangyoku took great pleasure in creating a poster of his vision of the Mandalorian, to share with all fans of the Star Wars saga.

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Debora szpilman talkie walkie Books cover

Debora Szpilman

The Guardian

On the cover of the supplement to the special BOOKS edition of the Guardian, Debora Szpilman fills a full page with lovers of literature.

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Stefan glerum talkie walkie lentekabinet23

Stefan Glerum

Lente Kabinet

Stefan Glerum has once again designed the poster for the Lente Kabinet Festival in Amsterdam, which each year welcomes a selection of international artists, DJs, visual artists and performers. His distinctive style, with its mix of Bauhaus and Italian Futurist influences, has graced this event for almost 10 years!

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Jules le barazer talkie walkie sogood sexe 2

Jules Le Barazer

So Press

As a regular feature in the various titles of the So Press group, Jules Le Barazer has once again enhanced the media with his audacious pencil stroke, capable of conveying a wide variety of unusual subjects with a sense of humour and playfulness. For So Good, he has taken on a wide range of subjects, such as scientific data collectors feeding public databases from their phones on a passionate and no-profit initiative, or the sexuality of the elderly, which seems to be thriving a lot more than it seems. On the sports front, Jules has also created a slightly caustic but always witty illustration for So Foot, addressing the subject of Wikileaks and bitter fans who like to change the biographies of their hated players at will.

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Playground paris talkie walkie fondation LV


Louis Vuitton Foundation

For the third year running, Playground is responsible for publicity at the LV Foundation's Family Festival. The family, as pop and colorful as ever, has grown, and we're delighted to discover the new members, who are resolutely graphic and gently crazy.

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Jean andre talkie walkie wanderlust affiche

Jean André


To mark the 10th anniversary of Wanderlust in Paris, American rapper Action Bronson has taken control of their kitchens, offering a street food menu in the tradition of his famous "Fuck that's delicious". The Parisian club asked Jean André to revisit their logo and design the entire identity for the event, based on Action Bronson's nickname "el crocodilo".

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Jean michel tixier talkie Bompard mep

Jean-Michel Tixier

Eric Bompard

Jean-Michel Tixier is continuing his collaboration with the Eric Bompard brand with a visual for the French Open tennis tournament. His elegant clean lines evoke the subtle balance between sport and style, which may be fragile, but is definitely the order of the day at Roland-Garros!

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Jean jullien talkie walkie studiololo

Jean Jullien


We are delighted to announce the forthcoming opening of the largest Jean Jullien exhibition, which will run from 30 June 2023 at the MIMA Museum in Brussels.

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Cruschiform talkie walkie timbres


Les interviews Timbrées

Cruschiform answered Maison Tangible's Aurélien Jeanney's "interview timbrée", which gave her the opportunity to pay tribute to her native region Les Cévennes. "After all these years of drawing for others, fantasizing about nature from my little Parisian apartment, it was a great pleasure for me to go back to my childhood memories and rediscover the places that have marked me". The full interview can be found here !

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Playground paris talkie walkie tiffanys vignettevideo


Tiffany & Co

Playground worked with Tiffany & co on their #reasonstosmile charity project. The result is a superb animation that takes us on a journey with a little jasmine flower carried by the wind. It's a joyful journey through the hustle and bustle of New York City!

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Antoine corbineau talkie walkie netflix

Netflix has asked Antoine Corbineau to design the poster for FYSEE TV 2023. With his usual eye for detail and composition, Antoine has created a scene bursting with the streaming platform's biggest hits of the year.

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Stefan glerum talkie walkie M le Monde Strike

Stefan Glerum

M le Monde

Stefan Glerum created an illustration series for M le magazine du Monde, accompanying an article on the new Hollywood writers' strike. Drawing inspiration from propaganda posters and Constructivism, he chose he chose to represent in the opening the figure of the writer, leading the uproar, climbing script stairs, armed with a typewriter and an oversized pen!

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Julien pacaud talkie walkie le 1 contrepouvoir

Julien Pacaud

Le Un Hebdo

Each week, Le Un offers a different perspective on a topical issue. In the middle of a strike period and just a few days before May 1st, they asked Julien Pacaud to illustrate the front page of their feature on counter-powers. They ask: "How is it that the land of Montesquieu (...) is today one of the democracies where counter-powers have the greatest difficulty in making themselves heard?

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Kim roselier talke walkie operacomique angot

Kim Roselier

Opéra Comique

The Bronx agency called on several artists, including Kim Roselier, to communicate the 23/24 season of L'Opéra Comique in Paris. These very graphic posters play on the repetition of a key element of each piece, subtly illustrated by Kim.

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Playground paris talkie walkie rab 4


Le vignoble du Rab

For the past 2 years, le Vignoble du Rab has been offering a wine that is as natural as possible, handcrafted under environmentally-friendly conditions. They called on Playground Paris to dress their bottles in colorful, graphic landscapes, celebrating the beauty of the region and their 5 hectares of plots.

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