22 Sep 17


Stylish book cover illustration from Julien Pacaud commissioned by Pushkin.

30 Jun 17


Julien Pacaud keeps on his ongoing collaboration with Teriaki Festival and delivers this magical poster for their 2017 edition.

24 Jan 17


For Libération, Julien Pacaud has reinterpreted Björk’s video “Stonemilker” and experiments with virtual reality in music.

26 Jul 16

Les Siestes Teriaki

New poster by Julien Pacaud for Les Siestes Teriaki, a music festival in Le Mans, France.

20 Jun 16

Arc Iris

Poetic artwork by Julien Pacaud for the cover of Arc Iris’ forthcoming album “Moon Saloon” !

23 Feb 16


We’re thrilled to see Julien Pacaud’s work on the poster of the international congress of illustration : FIG.O6 in Bogota !

27 Jan 16

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Julien Pacaud has spent much of the past few months creating a  series of packaging for Jean-Paul Gaultier Parfums. Here is the first set dedicated to duty-free shops !

11 Jan 16

Caltech E&S

A new collage by Julien Pacaud for the November issue of Caltech E&S magazine, about Pr. John Eiler and his discoveries in paleontology, archaeo-biology, atmospheric chemistry, climatology, etc.

02 Nov 15

Psychologies magazine

How do feel men who earn less money than their wives ? The answer is in Psychologies magazine, with Julien Pacaud.

16 Sep 15


A new cover for Julien Pacaud for the last issue of Wallpaper Germany.

15 Aug 15

Paris Worldwide

Beautiful cover by Julien Pacaud for the Paris airports magazine ‘Paris Worldwide’ about the conquest of Mars.