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11 Jul 19 Antoine Corbineau

Icons of Hell

Antoine Corbineau’s portraits are on display all summer at the “Icons of Hell” exhibition in the House of California boutique in Nantes.

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27 Jun 19 Antoine Corbineau


Monochrome perfection – this fantastic visual was created by Antoine Corbineau for Transfert, a culture and arts event space in Nantes, France.

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04 Jun 19 Antoine Corbineau


The landscape of the Italian city of Napoli, revisited by Antoine Corbineau: a very colorful city map drawn for Transavia for the semi-marathon earlier this year.

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15 May 19 Antoine Corbineau


Antoine Corbineau’s illustrated holiday card for Beneteau, the boating company, has us daydreaming of boat travel around the world from the relative safety and comfort of our desk.

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25 Apr 19 Antoine Corbineau


Did you know there’s a huge food-themed amusement park in Bologna, Italy? FICO Eataly World is dedicated to Italian biodiversity and cuisine. Eurowings asked Antoine Corbineau to bring his uniquely detailed perspective by creating a bold-colored illustration of the park for their in-flight magazine, Wings.

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05 Apr 19 Antoine Corbineau

Trevor Horn

“Trevor Horn Reimagines the Eighties” (featuring the Sarm Orchestra) – for the legendary singer and producer’s latest album cover, Antoine Corbineau did some reimagining of his own with this gorgeous portrait featuring abstract and asymmetrical patterns in a splendid array of color palettes.

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27 Feb 19 Antoine Corbineau


Audencia Business School asked Antoine Corbineau to create a 360° visual of its entire ecosystem: hybridization of skills, innovation in teaching methods, new international campuses …

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21 Feb 19 Antoine Corbineau


The ultimate connected home by Antoine Corbineau for Orange. We can’t stop peeking and observing the life that unfolds for this family in every room of the house.

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23 Jan 19 Antoine Corbineau

Tête à Tête

“Tête à Tête” is a beautiful book written by Baptist Cornabas and illustrated by Antoine Corbineau, filled with portraits of twenty prominent figures who have changed the course of history. Scroll through the gallery to check out some of our favorites.

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05 Dec 18 Antoine Corbineau


For a special edition featuring the reopening of the Musée des Beaux Arts in Besançon, art magazine Dada asked Antoine Corbineau to depict the museum and its surroundings at three different time periods – past, present and future.