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23 Jan 19 Antoine Corbineau

Tête à Tête

“Tête à Tête” is a beautiful book written by Baptist Cornabas and illustrated by Antoine Corbineau, filled with portraits of twenty prominent figures who have changed the course of history. Scroll through the gallery to check out some of our favorites.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
05 Dec 18 Antoine Corbineau


For a special edition featuring the reopening of the Musée des Beaux Arts in Besançon, art magazine Dada asked Antoine Corbineau to depict the museum and its surroundings at three different time periods – past, present and future.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
05 Nov 18 Antoine Corbineau


Antoine Corbineau always surprises us into redefining our vision of space and movement with his colorful, light-hearted, yet complex depictions of cities across the world. A beautiful and evocative map, from NYC to Alabama, commissioned by Airbnb.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
15 Oct 18 Antoine Corbineau

“Villes et Séries” Exhibition

Antoine Corbineau’s colorful, detailed and playful work is on display at his new show “Villes et séries” (“Cities and Tv Shows”) at the Artazart Bookstore in Paris. Vernissage this Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.

25 Sep 18 Antoine Corbineau

Google / Time Out

Antoine Corbineau created this panoramic illustration for the 2018 Gay Pride in London, in partnership with Google and Time Out.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
11 Sep 18 Antoine Corbineau


Antoine Corbineau produced a series of illustrations for the communication of Millican, the brand of eco-responsible bags.

Antoine Corbineau - Talkie Walkie
21 Jun 18 Antoine Corbineau


Antoine Corbineau had the pleasure of producing this illustration for Hermès, presenting in a playful and dreamlike way different axes of their communication.

21 May 18 Antoine Corbineau

Milan et demi

Antoine Corbineau’s new book is out in bookstore ! A fun journey into cult TV series through a series of abundant illustrations. Click to discover a preview !

04 May 18 Antoine Corbineau

Éditions Milan

We are pleased to announce that Antoine Corbineau’s new book dedicated to TV series will be released in a few days !

27 Mar 18 Antoine Corbineau


We had the pleasure of producing this fresco for Unesco with Antoine Corbineau. Presenting the virtuous circle created by independent radio stations in Africa, it will be part of a traveling exhibition on this theme in the coming months.