Jean André - Talkie Walkie
07 Jun 19 Jean André


A collaboration that looks as delicious as it tastes? Jean André’s enticingly transgressive and contemporary illustrations complement Japanese chocolatier Kosuke Hiruma’s Smilelabo cookie box to perfection.

Jean André - Talkie Walkie
15 Mar 19 Jean André

Make My Lemonade

Jean André’s minimalistic pen stroke isolates just one scene, one detail, one movement with such elegance that the joyful sensuality of his subject seems to leap off the page. His collaboration with the now famous creative French brand Make My Lemonade resulted in these brilliant and uplifting prints – click through the gallery to see all of them! They are for sale for a limited time only at the gorgeous Make My Lemonade concept store on Quai de Valmy in Paris.

Jean André - Talkie Walkie
09 Jan 19 Jean André

Bonjour Tattoo Club

Bonjour Tattoo Club, Jean André’s long awaited tattoo studio, finally opened at 6 rue Nobel in the 18th arrondissement in Paris.

His minimalist and instinctive style is immediately recognizable in his clean, refined and humorous designs. His signature tattoos? Silhouette contours, hearts interlaced with words, sensual and elegant portraits of women … All subtly suggested, just enough to get your message across …

Jean André - Talkie Walkie
14 Sep 18 Jean André

Le Bon Coin / Auditoire

Here is a tattoos board created by Jean André on the occasion of an event Le Bon Coin organized by Auditoire.

Jean André - Talkie Walkie
11 Jun 18 Jean André


We are delighted to present the box limited edition by Jean André for Sushibox, celebrating Russia, the host country of the 2018 Football World Cup.

05 Mar 18 Jean André


Explicit illustration of Jean André for Elle magazine !

15 Feb 18 Jean André

Hotel Pigalle

We are still a fan of these illustrations made by Jean André for the hotel Le Pigalle!

05 Feb 18 Jean André


Here is a pattern created by Jean André for Vans, available on their online shop, as part of the Vans Custom operation!

Jean André - Talkie Walkie
16 Jan 18 Jean André


Jean André signs a series of illustrations for l’ Officiel Hommes, accompanying an article on accusations of misogyny in the Michelin Guide!

21 Nov 17 Jean André

Absolut / Fooding

Jean André made this ad for Absolut in the latest Fooding guide. A balance of flavors and techniques to describe the Absolut Mule cocktail!