Jeremy Schneider- Talkie Walkie
21 Jun 19 Jérémy Schneider


Celebrity chef Jean Imbert’s new Parisian restaurant, Mamie, owes its captivating visual identity to Jérémy Schneider. Inspired by the meals he cooked every Sunday with his grandmother in the family home, Jean Imbert wanted to showcase the traditional local French cuisine of his childhood. Jérémy never fails to blow us away with his stunning illustrations and attention to detail.

Jeremy Schneider - Talkie Walkie
06 Mar 19 Jérémy Schneider

JR at the Louvre

“Le secret de la grande pyramide” (The Secret of the Great Pyramid), by the artist JR, is a secret project at the Louvre museum which will be revealed at the end of March. Until then, the official poster illustrated by Jérémy Schneider will be more than enough to keep us busy. Jérémy’s meticulous and realistic drawing contains exceptionally precise contrast and pencil work and it includes an extraordinary amount of historical details for us to study.

23 Jul 18 Jérémy Schneider

Napoléon Stratège

Wonderful work by Jérémy Schneider for the exhibition Napoléon Stratège at the Musée de l’Armée, in Paris, including title fonts, signage of the exhibition, maps illustrations, programs, press kits and drawings.

24 Apr 18 Jérémy Schneider

Bacardi / BBDO NY

We were recently contacted by BBDO NY to create a series of floral patterns with Jeremy Schneider for Bacardi’s new international communication campaign. Here is one of the visuals of the campaign and click to see the patterns in full !

Jérémy Schneider - Talkie Walkie
27 Nov 17 Jérémy Schneider

Brassus Hills

A little flashback on the identity of Brassus Hills, created last year by Jérémy Schneider, and his studio Violaine & Jeremy, for the opening of the Audemars Piguet store in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, whose theme was the world of vintage Swiss skiing.

Jérémy Schneider - Talkie Walkie
06 Oct 17 Jérémy Schneider

Big Fernand

Jérémy Schneider has recently been busy working on this astounding identity for Big Fernand restaurant. Illustrations, menus, packaging, signage, stamps… Click to see more!

Jérémy Schneider - Talkie Walkie
03 Jul 17 Jérémy Schneider


Jérémy Schneider was commissioned by Loewe to create a series of very distinguished dogs!

Jérémy Schneider - Talkie Walkie
06 Jun 17 Jérémy Schneider

EDF / Havas

Getting lost in the details of this incredible illustration by Jérémy Schneider, commissioned by Havas Paris for EDF.

Jérémy Schneider - Talkie Walkie
29 May 17 Jérémy Schneider


Epic new illustration by Jérémy Schneider for the new Prequell’s LP !

Jérémy Schneider - Talkie Walkie
28 Apr 17 Jérémy Schneider

Regent’s / Babel

Jérémy Schneider was commissioned by Babel agency to create a pattern of exotic birds for the new Regent’s Park packaging design.