Jules le Barazer - Talkie Walkie
18 Apr 19 Jules Le Barazer

M le magazine du Monde

Pastel colors and just the right touch of humor make for the perfect combination in Jules le Barazer’s illustration for M le magazine du Monde (Le Monde’s weekend magazine), for an article about the very strong presence of French designers at Milan’s Design week.

Jules Le Barazer - Talkie Walkie
18 Mar 19 Jules Le Barazer


For its 350th anniversary, the Paris Opera (Opéra national de Paris) invited Jules Le Barazer to illustrate his own interpretation of “Otello”, the Giuseppe Verdi classic. Jules infused the dramatic intensity of Verdi’s opera into a more fanciful and dream-like world, which we find absolutely fascinating.

Jules Le Barazer - Talkie Walkie
26 Feb 19 Jules Le Barazer


How do you party all night without the massive hangover the next day? By staying sober. Jules Le Barazer illustrates the February cover of Trax magazine.

Jules Le Barazer - Talkie Walkie
12 Feb 19 Jules Le Barazer

Le Monde

With deceptively soft colors and illustrations reminiscent of children’s literature, Jules Le Barazer lulls us into a false sense of complacency, effectively drawing us into his unique vision of an absurd and humorous world. Yet angles of his work convey very real reflections of society and current events that can almost seem disconcerting. His clear-headed and straightforward illustrations are published in a weekly column every Wednesday in the French newspaper le Monde.

28 Sep 18 Jules Le Barazer


A brilliant new illustration by Jules Le Barazer for Society magazine, about the life of a couple at the time of television series.

16 Jun 18 Jules Le Barazer


Summer is coming with Jules Le Barazer for Causette magazine. It’s time to let your brain chill a bit !

04 May 18 Jules Le Barazer


Jules Le Barazer illustrated an article for Society magazine, about the difficulties of reconversion of politicians.

02 Mar 18 Jules Le Barazer


This is a crazy new series of Jules Le Barazer for Zeit magazine, illustrating the wanderings of one of their journalists and his Volkswagen combi!

01 Feb 18 Jules Le Barazer


Jules Le Barazer surprises us once again by illustrating a series on the theme of science fiction for the electronic music magazine TRAX.

07 Dec 17 Jules Le Barazer


The sexual harassment seen by Jules Le Barazer for a special issue of Télérama. A nuisance, simply.