Julien Pacaud - Talkie Walkie
11 Dec 18 Julien Pacaud

New Scientist

Julien Pacaud’s cover illustration for the New Scientist – The Glitch at the End of the Universe. Go far enough, and the rules of reality start to break down.

30 Jul 18 Julien Pacaud


We wish you all a great holiday with this illustration by Julien Pacaud for Society magazine. We will be back at the end of August !

27 Jun 18 Julien Pacaud

C’est la vie

Illusion, a beautiful new work from Julien Pacaud for C’est la Vie agency.

Julien Pacaud - Talkie Walkie
18 Dec 17 Julien Pacaud


Do not miss the exhibition “Our separate worlds” by Julien Pacaud at the Artazart gallery, which runs from December 1, 2017, to January 14, 2018!

Julien Pacaud - Talkie Walkie
22 Sep 17 Julien Pacaud


Stylish book cover illustration from Julien Pacaud commissioned by Pushkin.

Julien Pacaud - Talkie Walkie
30 Jun 17 Julien Pacaud


Julien Pacaud keeps on his ongoing collaboration with Teriaki Festival and delivers this magical poster for their 2017 edition.

Julien Pacaud - Talkie Walkie
24 Jan 17 Julien Pacaud


For Libération, Julien Pacaud has reinterpreted Björk’s video “Stonemilker” and experiments with virtual reality in music.