Playground Paris - Talkie Walkie
15 Nov 18 Playground

Expo QUIT!

Quit! is a new one-night-only exhibition of risograph prints by Playground Paris. Its theme? Quitting cigarettes, obviously! Typography and illustrations in postcard and poster format …. This Friday at 6PM at Pop-Up du Label, 14 rue Abel in Paris.

26 Oct 18 Playground


Would you push on the red button? Playground’s fun and whimsical style shines through in his animation work.

27 Aug 18 Playground


It’s back to school, and maybe the opportunity to learn Dutch with this alphabet made by Playground !

03 Jun 18 Playground


A new animation by Playground for Orange Retail Channel !

12 Apr 18 Playground


Playground delivers this new cover for George S. Schuyler’s novel Black No More, edited by 10/18.

22 Feb 18 Playground

St Jean de Luz

Playground was invited by the city of St Jean de Luz to create this sublime panoramic fresco.ue.

Playground Paris - Talkie Walkie
23 Nov 17 Playground

Air France magazine

Playground Paris has produced a new series of opening pages for the magazine Air France! A “sweet” theme illustrated by visuals with sweet and pop colors.

Playground Paris - Talkie Walkie
23 Oct 17 Playground

Air France Magazine

Playground Paris is continuing its collaboration with Air France magazine and has produced a new series of openings for the December issue, on the theme of the crossing.

Playground Paris - Talkie Walkie
04 Sep 17 Playground

Air France

We’re back at work after a few weeks on holiday! Here is a very cool series from Playground Paris for the August issue of Air France Magazine.