Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
07 Dec 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Tyrsa created an exclusive typeface for the new Jordan x PSG jerseys by scanning a traditional basketball font, adding the lined numbers used on football jerseys, and manually distorting both. His unique interpretation, breaking the rules of traditional design used in both sports, resulted in a one-time, very limited-edition collaboration.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
19 Nov 18 Alexis Tyrsa

Childish Gambino

When it was released this year, Childish Gambino’s “This is America” became the most talked about music video in recent history. Critics ranked it among one of the greatest music videos of the 21st century. Tyrsa designed Childish Gambino’s visual brand identity and we’re crazy about the incredible type lettering and artwork he created for the music videos and merchandising.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
24 Oct 18 Alexis Tyrsa

Mister Freeze

Amazing outdoor mural created by Tyrsa for the Mister Freeze urban art exhibit in Toulouse.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
06 Sep 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Alexis Tyrsa signs all the typographies of the new Stolichnaya campaign, hatched by Fred Farid New York. Click to discover all the visuals.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
27 Jul 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Alexis Tyrsa had the pleasure of making a limited edition watch for Swatch. He created a distorted typographic pattern, based on the concept of perception of passing time.

Alexis Tyrsa - Talkie Walkie
14 Jun 18 Alexis Tyrsa

L’Eau d’Issey

Alexis Tyrsa has created some designs for the iconic perfume L’EAU D’ISSEY’s Summer Edition with the vegetal artist Alice Auboiron. Click to see more.

12 May 18 Alexis Tyrsa

Childish Gambino

We are thrilled to present this typography by Alexis Tyrsa for the latest incredible music video of Childish Gambino !

30 Apr 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Alexis Tyrsa signs the latest cover of the magazine Télérama Sortir with this sublime illustration made in anamorphosis. Click to discover the images of the making-off !

10 Apr 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Alexis Tyrsa created the design for the tour merchandising of the pioneer of French rap, Suprême NTM !

22 Mar 18 Alexis Tyrsa


Alexis Tyrsa signs a new campaign for Nike “Alpha Menace”.